Frequently Asked Questions

The UPrograms were developed for UCalgary employees to build skills on the job and enhance our rich culture of learning. For more information on the UPrograms, please contact UService.

Workshops with pre-work assignments cannot be dropped by the participant using ELM if the scheduled start date is in seven days or less. Contact to drop the course. 

Workshops without pre-work assignments require a minimum of three business days’ notice to drop the course. Contact to drop a class after the deadline.

If the class is not dropped before it starts, the learning record will show “Did Not Complete”.

If a workshop is cancelled, all participants receive an email notification of the cancellation. The email calendar attachment included in this email will remind you to remove the appointment from your Outlook Calendar.  If we need to cancel a workshop with less than three days’ notice, the Talent Management team will may also contact participants by phone or email. 

Reasons UProgram workshops or courses may be cancelled:

  • If a workshop has fewer than 50% enrolments, the workshop may be cancelled
  • A facilitator is unable to attend due to an emergency situation

The following codes are used to properly track each learner's status in workshops.

  • Completed: Attended and completed the workshop
  • Not Completed: Participant did not attend the workshop or attended only part or ½ of the workshop
  • Dropped: Individual participant dropped the workshop
  • Class Cancelled: The workshop was cancelled due to operational requirements

Report any learning history discrepancies by contacting and the Talent Management team will ensure you receive credit for completed courses that don’t appear in your learning record. Include the LinkedIn Learning or Enterprise Learning certificates of completion.

The “Pending Approval” status indicates enrolment is waiting for a manager’s approval in the Enterprise Learning system. Any participants with a pending status at the time the class is scheduled will not appear on the class list. Full name and UCID number must be manually added to the printed roster, and the manager must send an email of approval for the participant to receive credit for the workshop. 

Waitlist Process

Most classes have a maximum enrolment of 24 participants on a first come, first serve basis. Once the class is full, new enrolments are waitlisted. If a participant drops the workshop, the next approved enrolment will be added to the class roster. The Talent Development team will remind people who are in “Pending Approval” status to ask their manager to provide approval prior to the course start date. 

Manager approval is required for UAdvance workshops or UAdvance online courses taken during regular working hours, and employees will be paid for their time. No overtime will be paid for online courses taken outside of regular working hours or workshops taken on the employee’s own time.

Support Staff 

The hours of work article and overtime provisions do not apply, "to an employee while voluntarily participating in a training course, conference, or seminar." An employee's authorized participation in UProgram workshops or courses is considered business authorized by the employer and will not result in loss of regular earnings or paid overtime. AUPE Collective Agreement - Article 19.09

Management and Professional Staff (MaPS)

Training courses that are relevant to an employee’s current job or future career aspirations may be eligible for paid time off and reimbursement of costs. Where staff members are enrolled in a course that takes place outside of normal work hours, this is understood to be personal time.
MaPS Learning & Development Guidelines (pg. 5)

  1. Log into the myUCalgary portal and click “PS Enterprise Learning”
  2. Under “My Current Learning”, click “My Learning”
  3. Select “All Learning” in the View field and click “Go”
  4. Click on the name of the program to view your progress

To enrol in a specific course, click on the name of the course.

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide

  1. Log into the myUCalgary portal and click “PS Enterprise Learning”
  2. Under “New Learning”, click “Find Learning” and then “Advanced Search”
  3. Type in the title of the course in the Title field and click “Search”
  4. Click on the dropdown button to view the dates.

Digital badges are awarded once all required courses are completed. Programs that qualify for badges are: UAdvance, UFundamentals and UManage. In order to be eligible for a certificate you must register for the program overall.