Mid-year Reviews

In the fall, typically in October or November, managers meet with their direct reports for a formal discussion to exchange feedback, revisit goals/expectations, and update the development plan. Mid-year reviews are intended to identify and celebrate successes and highlight opportunities for development in the remaining months of the performance year.

It is recommended to document this discussion and submit it along with the annual review. Managers can record notes from this discussion using the 'mid-year review' or 'check-ins' tabs on the online performance document.

Skill Building for Midyear Reviews

To launch an online course after enrolling, go to learning.my.ucalgary.ca and go to: My Learning > Select the Course > Launch

  1. Connect to Perform Learning Series: Module One - One-on-one Conversations

    20 minutes | Employees and managers

    Learn how to hold effective one-on-one conversations on a regular basis throughout the year. Includes how to get started and topics to discuss.

  2. Connect to Perform Learning Series: Module Three - Giving and recieving feedback

    30 minutes | Employees and managers

    Learn how to ask for feedback, deliver feedback confidently, and how to manage your responses to feedback.

  1. Mid-year Review - Conversation Guide

    Plan your mid-year review meeting with this guide.

  2. Managers: Conducting Performance Review Meetings by Videoconference

    Access helpful information for holding your performance review meetings remotely, by videoconference.

  1. Building Your Performance Document

    This reference guide takes you through the process of populating each section of your performance document.