Workers' Compensation Board

The Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta provides insurance benefits to workers who are injured on the job.

The WCB is responsible for administering the insurance benefit and managing your claim. Upon receipt of all pertinent claim information, they make an entitlement decision (i.e. is your injury work related and do you require medical/wage loss benefits?) and communicate the decision to you and Staff Wellness.

If your claim is accepted, they will work with you during your recovery to ensure that things are progressing as expected, helping to potentially expedite diagnostic tests, surgeries, or other treatment. You can expect regular contact from either an Adjudicator or Case Manager throughout your recovery.

Within 24 Hours of an Incident

Report the Incident

Staff member must report accident or incident to their supervisor and seek medical attention (if required) promptly.

Make an OARS Report

Supervisors must document the incident in the Environment, Health and Safety Online Accident Reporting System.

Coordinate Medical Treatment

Staff member may attend an Occupational Injury Service Clinic (coordinated through Staff Wellness) or seek medical attention at a facility of their choosing. A Functional Abilities Form should be provided to the Staff Member for the Physician to complete. Appropriate transportation to a medical facility should be determined.

Complete WCB Worker Report

Staff member completes the online WCB Worker Report or used the printable version of the WCB Worker Form.

Submit WCB Report

Staff Wellness to submit the WCB Employer Report based on the OARS information and communication with supervisor.

Communicate Limitations

Staff member needs to provide supervisor and Staff Wellness with restrictions and limitations from physician as soon as possible (typically completed Functional Abilities Form).

Return to Work

Supervisor and injured employee are expected to work together to coordinate a safe return to workplace which may include modified or alternate duties. This should include the completion of a Modified Work Agreement.

WCB Process for all Faculty and Staff

The following are instructions and forms to help guide you in completing the WCB process:

Get Informed

Worker handbook cover

Worker Handbook

Employer handbook cover

Employer Handbook

OIS Guide cover

Occupational Injury Service Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

All employees (including contract) of the University of Calgary are covered under the no-fault WCB legislation.

Students who are injured on campus are covered through the Alberta Government, and should report all lost time injuries to the Student Union Wellness Centre and to the WCB.

If you have had an injury or illness that you believe to be work related, it should always be reported to your supervisor or department/Faculty administrator as well as to the WCB. This would be defined as any injury that occurs during work hours or as a result of a work requirement.

Any work-related injury or illness that results in:

  • lost time – or probable lost time - beyond the day of accident
  • the need for medical treatment beyond first aid (i.e. assessment by physician, physiotherapist, chiropractor)
  • a temporary or permanent change in your ability to perform the regular duties of your job
  • incurring medical aid expenses (i.e. dental treatment, eyeglass repair/replacement, prescription medications)

There are some conditions or situations where an injury will not be considered work related. Examples of injuries that would not be covered by WCB include:

  • Pre-existing or unrelated health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, old sports injuries etc. However, if you have a pre-existing condition and a work-related injury worsens your condition you may be eligible for benefits while you recover. Contact Staff Wellness for further information
  • Traveling to and from work - If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident while traveling on your regular commute to and from the University, you are not covered by WCB. However, some exceptions can apply. Contact Staff Wellness for further information

Yes - Alberta WCB coverage applies to university employees who continue to perform work for the university outside of the province (generally for up to one year of continuous employment).

For any student injuries that occur during their course of study, faculties are responsible for reporting directly to WCB. Coverage is provided through the Alberta Government - WCB Student Fact Sheet.

Within 24 Hours of Incident
  1. Students must report accident or incident to their supervisor, instructor or university representative and seek medical attention promptly
  2. Student completes the WCB Student - Employee Form and faxes to WCB at 1.800.661.1993
  3. Student or university representative to complete OARS Report
  4. Faculty/Department of the student reporting the incident completes and faxes the WCB Student - Employer Report to WCB at at 1.800.661.1993
  5. Faculty/Department of the student reporting the incident retains the original WCB Employer record
  6. Ambulance costs for students who suffer an accident and who are in need of medical aid to a hospital are covered by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology. Invoices should be sent for payment to Melanie White, Office Manager, Training & Development Coordinator, 7th floor, Phipps - McKinnon Building, 10020 - 101 A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3G2.

If you are hiring a contractor or a subcontractor, you are responsible for obtaining a WBC clearance certificate before work commences and before any payment is made. The letter advises you if a contractor or subcontractor has a valid WCB-Alberta account and if that account is in good standing. The certificate clears University of Calgary of workplace accident liability for them.

To Obtain a WCB Clearance Letter
  1. Visit the WCB-Alberta Direct Employer Clearance Certificates page.
  2. Add a subcontractor to the list by searching by company name and hitting add. This will bring up a new window.
  3. In the new window, check the box beside the company’s name and hit the ‘Add Accounts and Review Lists’ button. Close that window.
  4. Back in the ‘Subcontractor List’ tab, check the box beside the company’s name.
  5. Write down or copy the company’s account number.
  6. Click on the ‘Submit Clearance Request’ tab at the top of the page.
  7. Paste or type the company’s account number in the top left.
  8. Make sure that the principle destination box and the corresponding email box are checked.
  9. Type in your email address under the principle destination.
  10. You can view the clearance letter and then hit send to get it sent directly to your email.