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Benefits at a Glance

View your benefits at a glance and get detailed plan booklets.

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Flexible Credits and Options

Explore your flexible benefits options

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Flexible Spending Accounts

If you have remaining credits after choosing your flexible benefits options, you can allocate credits to your Flexible Spending Accounts. There are two types: a non-taxable Health Spending Account and a taxable Wellness Spending Account.

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Group Benefit Premiums

Premiums are adjusted, as required, to ensure adequate funding to maintain coverage.

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Out-of-Province Emergency Medical Coverage

Out-of-province emergency medical coverage and travel assistance are included as part of your group extended health benefit plans.

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Life Events and Benefit Changes

If you experience a life event, you need to update your personal information to ensure your benefits accurately reflect your family status.

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Enrolment / Re-enrolment

When they are first hired, eligible employees enrol in the Flexible Group Benefits Plan through their Self Service. Their chosen flex options remain in place until the next re-enrolment period.

Re-enrolment periods are effective every odd year: Jan. 1, 2025, Jan. 1, 2027, Jan. 1, 2029, etc. Employees are required to re-enroll in their benefits biennially through their Self Service and will receive communications in the fall leading up to the re-enrolment period. By revisiting and confirming their benefit choices every two years, individuals can ensure that their coverage aligns with their current needs, offering them the chance to make any necessary adjustments for the upcoming period.

If you experience a life event, you can change your flex options outside of the re-enrolment period.

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Information contained on this website is intended only as a general summary of group benefits, pension and other programs offered through employment with the University of Calgary. In the event of any variation between the information on this site and the provisions within the governing documents, the governing documents will prevail.

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