Relocation assistance in the form of centralized funding, support and reimbursement is provided to eligible Academic and Senior Leadership staff and their families to support with the financial impact of relocating to Calgary.  The assistance may not cover all costs associated with individual relocations.

The Relocation Expense Guidelines outlines the process and details surrounding relocation support. Eligible staff members will be notified of their relocation package in the President’s or Provost’s Offer of Appointment letter.

Financial assistance for the relocation of Management and Professional Staff (MaPS) may be provided directly through their department and outlined in their offer letter. Employees are invited to contact UCalgary’s preferred vendors to provide information and quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Academic and Senior Leadership positions provided relocation support as outlined in the Relocation Expense Guidelines. Staff Members will be notified of their eligibility for relocation assistance in the President’s or Provost’s Offer of Appointment letter.

Management and Professional staff relocation assistance is at the sole discretion and expense of the applicable department and either be in the form of an relocation allowance (lump sum payment) or reimbursement.

For Academic and Senior Leadership staff, out of pocket expenses can be submitted through the U of C portal via creating an expense report after their start date. Itemized receipts are required to be submitted with the report.

Management and Professional staff will be notified by their department if and how eligible expenses may be covered. 

UService can support with creating, editing and submitting expense reports.

(Please note that house hunting expenses for academic staff members are not eligible to be submitted through central relocation as a relocation expense as they are managed by the faculty/department. If applicable, please submit as a faculty/department expense report).

Phone: 403-210-9300

Under the Relocation Operating Standards and Practices, the University works with the following preferred vendors to obtain a quote and will award the move based on a competitive bid process.

Relocating staff members who are not using the central funding process are recommended to connect with these vendors directly.

Please visit HR Immigration for all up to date immigration information.

The Relocation Operations Standards and Practices gives employees 12 months from date of appointment to submit relocation claims.

If you are eligible for house hunting trip expenses, please reach out to your faculty/department for additional information. As house hunting trip expenses are managed/approved by the faculties, please note that they are not eligible for reimbursement through the central relocation program.