Respiratory Protection Program

The Respiratory Protection Program is in place to decrease potential risks to Employees who may be exposed to breathing hazards. It is mandatory for all *Employees who use respirators to be fit tested every two years. 

Arranging Respirator Fit Testing

Faculty and staff required to wear a respirator must follow the steps below. All steps must be completed before every fit test, including biannual re-fittings. 

Fill out the Form

Complete the Fit Testing Questionnaire (RFIT).

  1.  Fit Testing Questionnaire (RFIT)
  2. Faculty of Nursing  Fit Testing Questionnaire (RFIT-Nursing)

Take the Online Course

Complete the Respiratory Protection online course.

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Schedule a Fit Test

Contact Staff Wellness to schedule a fit test. 

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*Employees refers to all Faculty, Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate Students performing work or volunteering on behalf of the University or under the direction of their professor or instructor. 

Students or others not meeting the above criteria should speak with their supervisor for guidance on fit testing.

Have questions related to respiratory fit testing? Please look at our FAQ page.