Updates and information on the state of collective bargaining at the University of Calgary.


The University of Calgary is committed to negotiating collective agreements that are fair, sustainable, and support the university’s strategic objectives.

To learn more about the status of collective bargaining with each of the university’s bargaining units, please see the Updates section of this website.

Current Collective Agreements

Bargaining Updates

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Collective Bargaining Process

Generally speaking, here’s what collective bargaining looks like at the university:

Notice to bargain:

One party (either the university or the bargaining agent) serves notice to commence collective bargaining.


Bargaining committees representing each party meet on an agreed schedule to negotiate a new collective agreement. Both parties are required under the Alberta Labour Relations Code to negotiate in good faith and make every reasonable effort to come to an agreement.


The parties reach a tentative agreement which is subject to approval (ratification) by the university’s Board and the bargaining agent’s membership. 

Post-Secondary Collective Bargaining in Alberta

As public sector employers, the labour relations and collective bargaining of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions fall under the Labour Relations Code, the Public Service Employee Relations Act, and the Post–secondary Learning Act.