You’ll be surprised at the big things a little thanks can do.

The Power of Recognition

There’s nothing louder than the silence where “thanks” should be. So when you see great work happen, make some noise. Use your voice or let a personal eNote, Print Card or Certificate do the talking. Keep your comments short, sweet and specific. Focus on what they did and why it mattered. Make it a habit and you’ll be surprised at the big things a little thanks can do.

Being recognized and recognizing others builds a supportive and positive workplace. It can be simple and fun and its impact is meaningful and lasting. People who feel recognized produce more and higher quality work.

Why Recognize?

Getting and receiving recognition feels good, but it's also proven to: 

  • build morale by sending the message that employees are valued 

  • create a sense of community 
  • increase employee motivation and engagement
  • motivate employees to stretch and strive
  • demonstrate and reinforce university values, strategies, and competencies.

In This Section

Informal Recognition

Informal, or everyday, recognition can be just as impactful as formal recognition, but it is usually much easier to deliver.

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Cards and eNotes

Send an eNote or printed card to recognize your colleagues for their hard work, accomplishments and the positive impact they have.

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Tools, Templates, and Tips

All staff, supervisors, managers, and leaders are encouraged to find practical tips and tools for integrating recognition principles into their day. 

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Recognition Strategy

The Employee Recognition Strategy was developed to support an organizational culture of personal and meaningful recognition experiences for all staff. 

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Recognition Champions

Recognition Champions are University of Calgary faculty and staff who are committed to acknowledging the great work that is happening across campus.


Awards and formal recognition support UCalgary’s strategic goals and lets all employees know that their hard work is valued.

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