Academic Credit Courses


The Tuition Support Program is a benefit available to eligible University of Calgary employees and their families which allows them to participate in Academic credit course offerings at a reduced cost. Eligible employees from Academic, Senior Leadership, Support Staff and Management and Professional Staff groups may access the Tuition Support Program for University of Calgary academic credit courses taken by the employee, their spouse and dependent children.

An employee’s eligibility to participate in the Program depends on their employment group, part time or full time status, and whether their job is a term position or a permanent job. For example, Academic employees and their dependents may be eligible from the date of hire, while Support Staff and MaPS employees become eligible after six months, and their dependents, after one year. Confirm your eligibility by reviewing the Tuition Support Program overview page. 


The Tuition Support Program covers eligible tuition fees for Academic courses based on the current fee chart. Once eligibility is verified, the benefit amount is calculated according to the current fee chart and will be applied to the Student Account after the fee deadline. The student is responsible for any balance owing after the Tuition Support has been applied. The benefit will be applied towards tuition amounts only, and will not be approved for general fees, software, textbooks, registration or other costs. The difference between the total fees and the anticipated Tuition Support must be paid by the fee deadline to avoid late fees or negative impact on the Student Account.

To Apply

Before You Begin

You will need to have certain information available to complete the form and submit it for processing. You will not be able to save the form and submit at a later time.

Required Information:

  • Review eligibility requirements
  • Employee information:
    • UCID number
    • University email address
  • Student information:
    • Student ID number
    • Degree/Program name (e.g. Arts, Nursing, etc.)
    • Undergrad/Grad
    • Total number of courses this semester
    • Total dollar value claimed this semester *Course fee only

Form Completion

  • Part A | Employee Information
    Enter your University of Calgary Employee Identification number (UCID), name, and your work email address.
  • Part B | Tuition Support Application/Student Information
    Ensure you have reviewed the Tuition Support eligibility and maximum benefits for your employee group. You will indicate the degree/program name and area of studies (Undergrad or Grad). You will need to have the total number of half credit Academic Courses being claimed and the total dollar value of the courses.
  • Part C | Tuition Support Program Participation Terms and Conditions
    The information you provide is subject to audit after your application for Tuition Support is received. The University of Calgary reserves the right to verify eligibility of each individual student, including confirmation of course registration and dependent status when determining payment for tuition amounts under the Tuition Support Program.
  • Part D | Employee Declaration and Submission
    Once you have completed the application for Tuition Support, click on the "Submit" button. You will receive an automatic email confirmation to acknowledge receipt of your application. If you do not submit your application once you are finished entering the details of your Tuition Support request and leave the page, you will need to complete the form again.