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Benefits at a Glance (BaaG)

The University of Calgary is pleased to offer Group Benefits to Postdoctoral Associates. To determine your benefit-eligibility refer to your Letter of Offer or visit the Postdoc website.

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Out-of-Province Emergency Medical

Out-of-province emergency medical coverage and travel assistance services are included as part of your group extended health care benefit plan

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Balance - Online Wellness Program

Balance is an online wellness program offered to all UCalgary employees with Alberta Blue Cross benefits. Set goals, keep track of the actions you take to achieve or maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

The FSA program is available to eligible Post Doctoral Associates. 

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Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Video

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Plan Booklets

For more information on the Postdoctoral benefits coverage, view the following plan booklets:

Alberta Blue Cross Health and Dental


Manulife Life Insurance and Long Term Disability


SSQ Mandatory Accidental Death and Dismemberment


Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)

To be eligible for benefits under the University of Calgary group plans, you must have valid Alberta Health Care Insurance for hospital and physician services in Alberta. You should register for the plan if you are appointed for 12 months or longer.

Contact Alberta Health Care Insurance for more information.

Benefit Information for Supervisors

Plan C group benefits include Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Long Term Disability, Extended Health Care and Dental.

Premium rates effective September 1, 2023. Rates are reviewed and updated annually each September 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

A summary of the postdoctoral group benefit plans is located on the Benefits at a Glance document.

There is no waiting period. Coverage is effective from the date of appointment and includes:

  • Extended Health
  • Dental
  • Long Term Disability (“LTD”)
  • Basic Employee Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (“AD&D”)
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program

Postdoctoral scholars are not eligible to participate in the University of Calgary pension plans.

Group coverage is for yourself and eligible dependents, which may include your spouse and dependent children.

You will receive a system notification from instructing you to navigate to my UCalgary > All about me > My benefits > Benefit self service > Benefits > Benefits Enrollment.

You will be required  to provide your personal information, family status, and dependent information along with your beneficiary designations for life insurance and AD&D insurance.

Your benefits are effective from the date of appointment stated in your offer letter. Once you receive coverage under the University of Calgary Alberta Blue Cross plan, prescriptions and other eligible expenses may be claimed at any time, either directly where the pharmacy or service provider offers direct billing or submitted by paper or on-line. An Alberta Blue Cross ID card will be mailed to you approximately 4-6 weeks following your enrolment. You may also print a copy of your ID card from the Alberta Blue Cross member services website.

Any time you experience an event which changes your family status or personal information you may update your information using Self Service through the MyUCalgary portal.

Navigate to my UCalgary > All about me > My benefits > Benefit self service > Benefits > Life Event. To ensure you have proper benefit coverage, you must complete your life event within 31 days .

 Review Life Events for information and resources. 

The University of Calgary group benefits plan is designed to supplement provincial medical care by providing some coverage for other health and dental expenses such as eye exams and basic dental services.

To be eligible for coverage under the University of Calgary group benefit plan, you must eligible to enrol in a provincial government health care insurance program for the duration of your appointment. The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP), provides Alberta residents with basic medical care including full coverage for medically necessary physician and some specific dental and oral surgical health services. You must register for AHCIP coverage to receive insured hospital and physician services if you are new or returning to Alberta. If you do not have coverage through Alberta Health Care or another provincial health care insurance plan, contact Alberta Health Services. If you are physically present in Canada but not eligible for AHCIP coverage you may wish to purchase Visitor to Canada Insurance (available from private insurance companies).

The benefits available to you under the group plan are provided by the University of Calgary at no cost to you. Each person must apply according to their actual family/dependent status. For example, spouses who both work at the University of Calgary must each apply for family coverage (versus single coverage for each).

Related: Coordination of Benefits

When two or more benefit plans work together to provide you with maximum coverage, it is referred to as Coordination of Benefits (COB). With COB, you submit a claim to your benefits carrier first for adjudication and payment and then you can submit a claim for the eligible outstanding amount to your spouse's plan or your second plan. Through COB you will receive up to the maximum eligible amount for eligible prescription drug, dental and health service benefits.

The benefit year for the postdoctoral scholar group is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. On Jan. 1 each year, the maximums or limitations are refreshed, unless otherwise specified by Alberta Blue Cross.

Maximums under the health and dental plans are per individual. For example, if there is a combined maximum value for all dental services per benefit year, each individual participant can claim up to the maximum amount.

The benefit program is available from the date of appointment for all postdoctoral scholars at no cost to the individual. The purpose of a benefit plan is to provide assistance with your health related expenses and not all items are covered.

Alberta Blue Cross maintains a close working relationship with pharmacy, dental, optical and other health service providers who deliver products and services to their customers across the province. Their secure website includes a searchable directory for a provider in your area who offers the convenience of direct billing. Alberta Blue Cross “Blue Advantage” program also allows members to save on medical, vision care and many other products and services offered by participating providers across Canada.

The program provides savings at point of sale on the total cost of products and services from participating providers, regardless if the item is covered under your benefit plan. Find out more at blueadvantage.

Claims can be submitted through the secure Alberta Blue Cross user account or you can complete a paper form. Register your Online Member Services account with Alberta Blue Cross. You will need your Group Policy # and Alberta Blue Cross ID#. This is where you will be able to gain access to a number of member services such as printing temporary cards, submitting and tracking claims, and setting up for direct deposit. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact Alberta Blue Cross customer services directly at 1.800.661.6995.

Alberta Blue Cross offers you another way to manage your claim and benefit information and access your benefits. With the Alberta Blue Cross mobile app it's now easier than ever to get the claim and benefit information you need straight from your iPhone or Android device. The My Benefits App offers easy access to your health benefits information and allows you to carry your Alberta Blue Cross ID card right on your phone. Download the App at the Google Play Store or iTunes Store today, and sign in to your secure Alberta Blue Cross account from wherever you are.

Alberta Blue Cross will provide coverage for emergency medical expenses and 24 hour medical travel assistance if you are injured, become suddenly ill, or require hospitalization while you are outside of the province.

Refer to the details of this coverage under the Employee Group Benefit Coverage for Out of Province Travel – Postdoctoral Scholars.

All benefits for you and your eligible dependents will terminate as of your last day with the university. As long as you remain eligible for group benefits, dependent children will be allowed on your plan until they reach age 21, or age 25 if they are attending an accredited educational institution on a full-time basis or are dependent on you by reason of physical or mental disability.

For questions regarding benefits or completing benefit enrolment contact UService:

Phone: 403.210.9300

Alberta Blue Cross If you have questions regarding your account please contact Alberta Blue Cross customer services directly at 1.800.661.6995.

Information contained on this website is intended only as a general summary of group benefits, pension and other programs offered through employment with the University of Calgary. In the event of any variation between the information on this site and the provisions within the governing documents, the governing documents will prevail.