Tools, Templates and Tips

Make Recognition a Habit

  • Recognition can be be timely, spontaneous, personal and public. 
  • Recognition acknowledges patterns of behavior that support University of Calgary values.
  • Recognition is not limited to just individuals. Team recognition helps build cooperation and collaboration and improves communication.
  • Recognition activities are reciprocal. Share consistent, sincere, and meaningful messages of gratitude and appreciation.
  • We are all responsible for recognizing each other’s efforts and sharing sincere, meaningful messages of gratitude and appreciation with our colleagues.

Daily Recognition Tips

  • Ask yourself each day, "who can I thank?"
  • Begin your meetings with success stories.
  • Share a story about the great work you see at the university. 
  • Take time to give praise in person. 

Recognition Toolkit for Supervisors, Managers, and Leaders

All supervisors, managers, and leaders are encouraged to read the toolkit and find practical tips and tools for integrating recognition principles into their day. If you are looking for targeted recognition support, contact Human Resources, Total Rewards at

Recognition Refresh Tool

Use this step-by-step guide to help inspire new or refresh existing recognition practices in your area.

Service Letter Templates

Currently under development

Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can't use it up or run out of it.

Susan M. Heathfield