Guidelines for Employee Mailman Lists

The university mailman lists are one of the tools that support the university's commitment to ensure that all employees receive the most up-to-date information and communication via email.  It is the primary preferred method of communication with employees, and employees are automatically subscribed to an email list specific to their employee group (therefore it is not necessary to subscribe or unsubscribe). These lists are refreshed daily to ensure accuracy. Employees remain on their specific list as long as they are employees of the University of Calgary.

Messages sent to the employee mailman lists are moderated by an administrator. Guidelines have been created to ensure that the messages approved to be sent to the employee specific email lists support the vision, mission and academic plan of the university and are specific to the criteria listed below.


Content submitted for distribution through the University of Calgary employee mailman lists should meet the following criteria:

  • Align with the vision, mission, and values of the University of Calgary
  • Be business specific to the University of Calgary, pertinent to the members of the list to whom the message is being released to
  • Promote opportunities for university faculty, and staff including but not exclusive to professional development and/or health and wellness opportunities.

Examples of messages include information pertaining to:

  • Security, operational, executive level vision and legislative updates
  • Employee payroll, pension and benefits information
  • Learning and Development Courses
  • Flu Clinics and Health Checks

Designated mailman administrators retain the right to refuse any submission at any time as well as make exceptions.


Employee mailman lists are approved daily. Due to the different logistics between member versus non-member sending, individuals are advised to contact the administrator prior to the anticipated release date of their message to discuss the approvals process. All official department/faculty approvals must be obtained prior to sending a message to the mailman list for moderation.

To email a list administrator use the following owner email addresses: