University of Calgary staff members learn how to administer Naloxone, a medication used to reverse the effects of an opioid


To help build community emergency preparedness at UCalgary, multiple training opportunities are offered for faculty and staff throughout the year. Registration for UCalgary courses is managed through Enterprise Learning and free of charge.

Ergonomic Training

Employees and faculty who work at a desk are required to complete office ergonomics training. Choose the appropriate course(s) for your workstation.

  1. Office Ergonomics Training

    For employees who use a computer in their daily work activities. Users will learn signs, symptoms, and risk factors of ergonomic injuries as well as strategies to minimize risk and improve overall comfort.

    Duration: 30 min.

  2. Office Ergonomics Self Adjustment Tool

    An interactive step-by-step guide for employees to adjust their own workstation.

  3. Safe Use of Sit/Stand Workstations

    For employees who use a sit-stand workstation. Users will learn about effective and safe use of sit-stand workstations.

  4. Live Webinar: Office Ergonomics

    Join this 90-minute live interactive webinar for step-by-step instructions to properly set up your workstation. This session will provide a demonstration on workstation adjustments and micro-break recommendations to assist with symptom prevention and management.  The webinar aims to provide practical knowledge related to your workstation ergonomics so you can work comfortably throughout your day and be productive at work and in your personal activities.

    The following topics will be covered:

    • Common issues and solutions with office workstations;
    • What to do when you experience signs and symptoms of discomfort and distress;
    • How to prevent and manage discomfort; and
    • Available resources for future reference.

    The goal of the webinar is to provide you with applicable information to allow you increased independence in your health and wellness.

    If there is not a date or time that works for your schedule, please contact the Ergonomic Program Advisor.

  1. Industrial Ergonomics Training (30 minutes)

    Formerly known as: Safe Lifting Training

    Required for employees who complete manual labour tasks as part of their job (lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling, and/or awkward positions). Users will learn signs, symptoms, and risk factors of ergonomic injuries as well as strategies to minimize risk and improve overall comfort.

    Note: Industrial workers who also work in an office are required to use the Office Ergonomics Self Adjustment Tool.

  1. Customized Ergonomics Training

    Department Sessions: Contact the Ergonomic Program Advisor ( to book your department/unit training session.  Minimum 10 participants. 

    • Office
    • Working From Home
    • Industrial (see Department Ergonomic Optimization)
    • Lab (see Department Ergonomic Optimization)


    Department Ergonomic Optimization

    Purpose: Decrease the risk of injury, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism with Department Ergonomic Optimization.  Proactive services include an assessment to detect ergonomic risk factors, recommendations to assist with employee safety and customized presentations to provide job specific training related to the ergonomic concerns. 


    Presentation topics:

    • Workstation set up
    • Physical and mental micro-breaks
    • Proper movement patterns and posture
    • Safe work specific tasks
    • Workplace warm up
    • Decrease screen time
    • Health and wellbeing in the workplace
    • Mental Resilience
    • Early detection of discomfort and distress

    Contact the Ergonomic Program Advisor ( to book your department/unit session.

Laboratory Ergonomics Training Online (40 minutes)

Laboratory workers will learn how to detect signs, symptoms, and risk factors related to ergonomic injuries, as well as strategies to minimize risk and improve overall comfort. 

Required training for all university employees, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows working in laboratories.

Occupational Health Training

Classroom delivery

  • Recommended training for all employees

Naloxone Training is provided by Staff Wellness on an as requested basis. Participants will learn to recognize and respond to the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose and prepare yourself to save a life.

Training covers: signs of an overdose, rescue breathing, preparing and administering an intramuscular naloxone injection, and assessing naloxone response. Participants will receive a free naloxone kit as part of the Alberta Health Services Community Based Naloxone Program

For more information about naloxone kits and training, click here.

To book Naloxone Training sign up here: SignUpGenius Naloxone Training
- For questions contact: 
- Students please call Student Wellness Services at: 403.210.9355.