occ health

Occupational Health Assessment

The Occupational Health unit of Staff Wellness, provides occupational health assessments and services that are free and confidential.

Occupational health assessments are recommended for all employees with occupational health risks identified in their hazard assessment and control form (HACF) such as exposures to biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

  • Health consultation 
  • Immunization 
  • Respiratory protective equipment fitting 
  • Hearing testing 
  • Post exposure review 
  • Health care workers 

  • Animal care workers 

  • People who work with human samples, such as:

    • cells

    • tissues

    • human blood

    • stool

    • other body fluids 

  • People who work with animal samples 

  • People who work with pathogens 

  • People who are exposed to breathing hazards (particulates, gasses, vapours) 

  • People who work with chemicals 

  • People who work in hospitals or patient care settings 

  • People who are exposed to excessive noise