Employment Verification

Employment Verification

There are different types of letters related to employment verification. This page is designed to assist you in determining which type of Employment Verification you require and how to automatically generate one through self-service or request one.

Certain situations like buying a home or applying for credit may require you to provide an employment verification letter to a financial institution. This standard letter that you can generate through self-service provides a third party with information regarding your current employment with the University of Calgary. It is not intended for verifying your entire employment history or student and scholarship status.

This letter contains the following information:

  • Position/Title
  • Department/Faculty
  • Position Type (Regular/Temporary and Full or Part-time)
  • Employment Dates (An end date will be included for all fixed term and limited term appointments)
  • Salary (Optional, stated in Annual/Semi-Monthly/Hourly Rate depending on the appointment)

Only the current active jobs can be confirmed through this process. The letter does not include information regarding a staff members' duties and responsibilities. It is your responsibility to contact your manager or supervisor directly if you require this information.

To generate a verification letter, go to myUCalgary portal > All about me > My Pay > Employment Verification

Additional Resources:

We will provide a letter for Citizenship and Immigration Canada with information regarding your current and/or past employment with the University of Calgary, for immigration purposes. 

This Employment Verification Letter contains a summary of position(s) held at the University of Calgary, with the following information for each position:

  • Position/Title
  • Department/Faculty
  • National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code
  • Position Type (Regular/Temporary and Full or Part-time)
  • Employment Dates (start date and end date for each employment record, when applicable)
  • Standard Hours of Work per Week
  • Salary (stated in Annual/Semi-Monthly/Hourly Rate depending the appointment)
  • Group Benefit Eligibility

This verification letter is not intended for student and scholarship verification. This process is intended for staff members applying for Permanent Residency only. Only insurable employment/hours can be confirmed using this process. If you require confirmation of your duties and responsibilities you must contact your manager or supervisor directly.

To request an Employment Verification for Permanent Residency, complete an Employment Verification for Permanent Residency request form.

Permanent Residency Employment Verification Letters may take longer than five working days to prepare depending on the amount of information to be included.

Payroll Operations may provide a Record of Employment (ROE) to Service Canada in the event of an interruption of earnings for University of Calgary employees. The ROE provides information on the total hours and earnings of insurable employment. Service Canada uses this information to determine whether a person is eligible to receive Employment Insurance benefits, what the benefit amount will be, and for how long the benefits will be paid.

A Record of Employment is issued for any of the following situations:

  • Maternal/Parental Leave
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Layoff
  • Leave Without Pay
  • Termination of Employment

Accessing Your Record of Employment

Employees can view copies of their Record of Employment by visiting the My Service Canada Account.

If you have any questions, contact payrolluc@ucalgary.ca

If you require a Letter of Portability for the Faculty of Nursing send your request to payrolluc@ucalgary.ca. The request must include "Letter of Portability" in the subject line.

The letter does not include information regarding a staff member's duties and responsibilities. It is your responsibility to contact your manager or supervisor directly if you require this information.

The University of Calgary's Human Resources Department will not release information to a third party but will confirm, with the written consent of the employee, specific employment information. Agencies must submit a completed verification request accompanied by a signed consent letter from the University of Calgary employee to request confirmation of previous employment.

The university does not provide information regarding an employee's duties and responsibilities or quality of work.

Submit Employment Verification Requests to Human Resources (hrhire@ucalgary.ca) and include:

  1. Signed authorization/consent from the employee; and 
  2. Complete details for which you are requesting verification (HR will not fill out forms, only respond to verify if information matches our records or not).

Frequently Asked Questions

Employment verification is sometimes required for proof of employment and income for a variety of reasons, most typically for financial approval purposes. This can be verified through various types of documentation including pay stubs, T4s, tax assessments, offer of employment, and self-service Employment Verification letters.

The self-service process allows most employees to access Employment Verification letters instantaneously. This reduces the amount of manual work required when other forms of employment verification (e.g. pay stubs, T4s, tax-assessments, offer of employment) do not suffice.

The university has over 6,000 employees, many of which can have more than one active employment record at a time. By way of the automated process, the university saves countless hours of manual work.

The Self-Service Employment Verification process allows staff members to generate a letter confirming certain employment. Through the MyUCalgary Portal, staff members will be able to generate a PDF Verification Letter for most jobs and/or payments from the university. This process allows staff members to save or print a Verification Letter that confirms employment details with the option to include or suppress compensation information. 

A standard Employment Verification Letter contains the following information:

Position/Title: This field references the Job/Position Description in PeopleSoft HCM. Typically, this field will display Position Description. If the job is not positioned it will display Business Title. If a position or business title are unavailable, this field will display Job Code Description.

Department/Faculty: This field provides information of the Faculty/Unit, as well as the HR department, where your appointment resides.

Position Type: This field specifies the attributes of your appointment (Regular/Temporary and Full or Part-time).

Employment Dates: This field indicates the start date of your continuous employment with the university. It is not necessarily the start date of your current contract/position. An end date will be included for all fixed term and limited term appointments.

Salary/Stipend: This field is optional to provide your compensation information, which is stated in annual or semi-monthly rate depending on the appointment type

Most active staff and faculty, including Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Associates, can request Employment Verification Letters through this process. 

While Postdoctoral Associates can access verification letters though this process, it is intended to confirm the fellowship appointment and does not constitute an employment relationship.

No. Only current active appointments can be verified through this process. Individuals can reference their pay advices, tax slips, and/or personal tax assessments to demonstrate prior employment and income with the university. 

The following job types are excluded from the Self-Service process:

  • Hourly positions
  • Recurring Part-time positions
  • Future dated appointments
  • Scholarship Payments
  • Unpaid Clinical or Adjuncts
  • Royalty Payments
  • Any jobs that are on a partially or unpaid leave of absence

If you have questions about the availability of a verification letter, or if a verification letter is required for these types of appointments, please contact UService.

Because hourly positions have no guaranteed hours of work, income verification is limited. Similar to other large organizations, pay stubs, T4s, offer letters etc. are typically used to verify these types of employment. If the financial institution you are working with requires additional documentation, contact UService.

Yes. Certain types of leaves may have an impact on income, and depending on the type of leave, the availability of Employment Verification Letters differs:

  • If the leave type is 100% paid, you will be able to generate a letter through the Self-Service process
  • For an unpaid or partially paid leave, you will not be able to generate an Employment Verification Letter through Self-Service. If you have questions or concerns, contact UService

The Self-Service Employment Verification process allows you to generate a separate confirmation letter for each active job record. 

The Employment Verification Letters produced through the Self-Service process only provide the employment information as of the date the letter is requested. If there are future dated changes to your employment (such as a promotion or transfer), you must wait until the effective date of those changes to request a letter that contains those details.

Employment Verification Letters first reference the Position Description field from PeopleSoft as the default for titles. If a Position Description is not found or does not exist, then the letters will reflect the Business Title or Job Code Description associated with your role. These descriptions may vary. Also, abbreviations are common because of character limitations in the system. Work with your manager regarding any questions about your title. 

The Employment Verification Letter is automatically generated and not prepared by an individual, so no individual name or signature can be included. The letter however includes contact information of UService allowing third parties to call and speak directly to an HR team member for when confirmation of the verification letter is required. 

When a third party contacts UService regarding a Self-Service Employment Verification Letter, UService will confirm only the content provided in the letter. They will not disclose information not already found in the letter.

If your employment contract details have changed between the date the letter was produced and the time of the authentication, UService is allowed to advise the third party that the letter is no longer accurate or valid. However, no details of the change to terms and conditions of employment will be disclosed.

UService does not provide information regarding an employee's duties and responsibilities or quality of work.