Pension Information

Senior Leadership Team

Already Enrolled

Your UAPP pension plan is administered by a third party. If you have already been enrolled in the plan, login to the UAPP website. You can access their Retirement Planner tool by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the image in the Retirement Planner section.

Additional Information on the plan website include?

  • Member Handbook
  • Information Sheets on various plan topics
  • Annual Report
  • Sponsorship and Trust Agreement
  • Actuarial Valuations
  • Communiques (Quarterly Publications)
  • Investment Policies and Goals

The University provides member data to the pension plan administrator at the end of each calendar year. As a result, Annual Member Statements are also available through the Retirement Planner. Participants are notified by e-mail, in approximately mid-May of each year, advising when the most recent statement has been posted to the Retirement Planner.

New to the University?

If you are new to the University, you will be enrolled in the University Academic Pension Plan (UAPP).

Complete the Spouse and Non-Spouse Beneficiary Form and give it to the Pension and Benefit Analyst when you meet.

The UAPP Administration Centre will send an email reminder to set up your Retirement Planner secure access approximately one month after hire.

Note: Service with a previous Canadian employer may be eligible to be established as pensionable service in UAPP. Contact University Pensions at (403) 220-5461 or email for more information.

Supplemental Pension Plan

The President and Vice President's pension plan.