Extensions and Job Changes

Non-classified Appointments

Job Changes

When changes to an existing Non-classified appointment are required, those changes are processed via the Job Change Request form. There are many types of Job Changes for Non-classified appointment types. Each job change is outlined next. Job Aids related to Job Change transactions are included as well.

Used when the salary of a non-classified appointment is to be charged to a different funding source.

The transaction type: Accounting Change – TBH allows users to change:

  • Accounting where the salary should be charged

Used when the monthly compensation is changing. Compensation Changes can be permanent or can be used to increase or decrease compensation for a period of time.

The transaction type: Compensation Change - Increase or Compensation Change - Decrease allows users to change:

  • Compensation
  • Accounting where the salary should be charged
  • Accounting where the benefits should be charged (if different from salary)

Used when the compensation was entered in error on the Template-Based Hire form. Corrections to compensation must be made effective the original Hire or Rehire date.

The transaction type: Correction - Compensation allows users to change:

  • Compensation back to the original Hire or Rehire effective date

Used when the effective date of the Hire or Rehire must be changed.

The transaction type: Correction – Effective Date allows users to change:

  • The effective date of the Hire or Rehire